Root Cellar Catering Company

Food and beer... always a great combination! We stopped by Ballast Point brewery to check out their new Taco Tuesdays provided by Root Cellar Catering Company. This new pairing of brewery and caterer started May 28th and will continue every Tuesday between 4pm and 9pm until further notice.

Root Cellar Company chalkboard menu

I LOVE chalkboard menus! They add a personal touch and showcase the dining selection for happy bellies. Their current promotion is 2 tacos for $9. We had a chance to sample everything on their menu!

Root Cellar Company - Braised Pork Belly Banh Mi taco and 7-Hour Smoked Brisket taco

Pale Ale Braised Pork Belly Banh Mi taco (left) and 7-Hour Smoked Brisket taco (right) and beer pickles (far right)

My favorite of the night was the 7 hour smoked brisket taco. I thought that the large slices of avocado kept it creamy and the meat itself was tender and flavorful. The pork belly banh mi was a taco influenced by the popular Vietnamese sandwhich known as 'banh mi'. Pork belly isn't a meat I usually see for these sandwiches but it definitely worked very well with the pickled carrots, mint, and hoisin sauce. The hoisin sauce is a sweeter sauce that is also used as additional salty/sweet flavoring for the Vietnamese pho soup too! I'd eat these two tacos any day!

Root Cellar Company - bubba taco and chicken taco

Bubba taco and Sulptan Braised Yucatan Chicken taco.

The Bubba Taco, consisting of grassfed ground beef was the only taco with a crispy corn shell. There was enough meat inside without any of the greasy mess. It was a very simple and clean mix. This creation was based off the co-owner's son's favorite type of taco! How cute! The chicken taco next to it was locally sourced from Mary's Free Range Chicken farm... Dennis liked this one too.

More about the company:

Root Cellar Catering Company owners Marie and Jamie are quite the complementary pair... one with a talent for bars/drinks and the other food! They have been in the food industry for a couple of years but are really focusing on catering these days. They keep all ingredients locally sourced and also do weddings and other catered events. Go out to Ballast Point, have a beer and feast on some tacos! They even mentioned they may do sliders again on the menu in the near future! Something to look forward to!

Root Cellar Company at Ballast Point

Disclaimer: we were hosted for this meal but the opinions are strictly our own.

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