Pirate's Dinner Adventure

Looking for cheesy swashbuckling fun? Then look no further than Pirate's Dinner Adventure! There are two locations: Buena Park, CA (near Knott's Berry Farm) and Orlando, FL. Our group of 10 adults went last weekend for a birthday celebration. You can get into the spirit by dressing up or buying a few of their adult beverages.

Whatever time the show starts, get there between 60-90 minutes early for free appetizers and a pre-show. If you miss it, you might not know what's going on with the show. There were three different appetizer stations throughout the lobby. We had fruit salad, seafood pasta, cheese and turkey cubes with crackers, pork weenies, and two kinds of ravioli. The vegetarian ravioli was very good. I think it had spinach and feta cheese.

Tossed Garden Fresh Salad

Main Entrée

During the show, you're served a small Tossed Garden Fresh Salad with ranch dressing. To drink, you can have either a pitcher of soda or two glasses of house beer. Then for your Main Entrée, it's Treasure's Chicken (a chicken quarter) and your choice of Shrimp & Scallops or Buccaneer Beef, along with West Indies Rice and Mixed Vegetables. The chicken and shrimp were fine, but the scallops were a little tough. Someone in our group mentioned that the beef looked like dog or cat food. You just have to remember that you're not paying for fine dining. I think the best part of the meal was dessert! Their Apple Cobbler a la mode with chocolate drizzles was so delicious! Too bad it wasn't a bigger serving! Sorry about the poor quality of the pictures. There wasn't much lighting and flash photography was prohibited during the show. But, afterwards, you can have your picture taken with one of the sweaty, shirtless pirates from the show.

Apple Cobbler a la mode

I would definitely not recommend this if you're paying full price. I saw a buy one, get one free offer in my local Penny Saver. If you call 866-439-2469 and mention code SPS-BOGO (expires Nov. 30, 2009), it's $57.83 ($56.95 + tax) for two adults. They also have another offer good until Oct. 31, 2009 (code 1009): Monday-Thursday is $20.09 + tax and processing fee per person or Friday-Sunday is $25 + tax and processing fee per person. You can also upgrade and get additional party packages, starting at an extra $5 per person for a slice of cake and a pirate flag.

This is very fun for children, since they get picked to participate in the show, so keep this in mind for their next birthday. But be prepared to spend money on souvenirs. I regret not getting the pirate flag that said “Surrender Your Booty!”

Pirate's Dinner Adventure
7600 Beach Blvd
Buena Park CA
(866) 439-2469

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