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Sweet Potato Fries

My coworker ordered the sweet potato fries and it was awful. It came out over-seasoned and very soggy. The oiliness killed the natural sweet potato flavor. Instead of traditional onion rings, this place serves onion wedges! It's a fantastic idea because I often bite into onion rings and find that the onion ring inside gets pulled or falls out of the crispy shell. Jalepeno Pepperjack Burger. It may look small but it packs a mean punch! The burger is quite spicey and goes well with the light horseradish-mayo dipping sauce. The only downside to this burger is that the bun is quite plain.

Onion Wedges

Jalepeno Pepperjack Burger

The Corner
369 10th Ave
San Diego CA 92101
(619) 531-8804

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