Oshi is a small korean restaurant off the corner of College Ave and Montezuma. Its pretty much the only decent asian food near SDSU and within walking distance. My friend goes there during lunch time to scope out the korean and japanese girls. I go there for food.

Unagi Bowl

Unagi Bowl ($7.50) tax included

This picture is almost the actual size of the bowl. Yah.. its pretty small. So don’t expect to get full from eating this. The unagi pieces are really thin and heavily seasoned. Fortunately though, the vast majority of this bowl is plain rice and I was able mix the sauce around evenly. And on the downside, too much rice compared to meat. Ack! There was also some pieces of steamed carrots and brocolli too.

Crunchy Roll

Crunchy Roll ($6.50) tax included

This sushi roll was pretty good. Its not as fancy as the Crunchy roll that I had at Chopstix but its still tasty. And there wasn’t hardcore sauce flavoring all over this one. =)

Overall, I don’t think I would eat the Unagi Bowl ever again or would recommend anybody to get it. It’s not worth the cost to eat or the experience of just trying it out. But I will continue to go here from time to time. They make a good chicken katsu! Yumm.

5838 Montezuma Rd
San Diego CA 92115
(619) 582 - 5391

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