Miami Grille

Dave suggested that we try Miami Grille because he had heard good things from his friends.  I had been at UTC earlier in the morning and walked by just to check it out. It didn’t look too fancy, almost like an upscale fast food restaurant, but when I came back in the evening, it had a very different vibe… kind of trendy. Dave says it’s “cheap IKEA trendy.” (You may recognize a few things from IKEA.)

Canasta de Fritas

Canasta de Fritas - two crunchy treats: seasoned French fries and sweet potato fries with two kinds of dipping sauces ($5.45).  Dave says, “Either wolf them down quickly or don’t order them.”  They aren’t as good once they get cold. I liked the seasoned French fries. You should have seen my face when I tried the sweet potato fries… pure disgust! It was the first and probably the last time that I try sweet potato fries.

Shrimp Curry

Shrimp Curry - simmered in a creamy coconut-curry sauce served over white rice with toasted coconut, salsa, green onions, and some kind of sweet apple sauce ($13.95).  Dave says, “They skimped on the shrimp. I liked the toasted coconut and the apple sauce in combination with the shrimp.”

Seoul Grill

Seoul Grill - marinated Korean style chicken on a bed of Cuban fried rice ($10.95).  Delicious! Tastes very much like teriyaki chicken… the good kind… especially with their sweet tangy sauce. The rice was also good.

This was the third Cuban/ Caribbean restaurant that I’ve been to and all have been excellent. Definitely a place to try and it’s not expensive.

Miami Grille
4545 La Jolla Village Drive
San Diego CA 92122
(858) 552-0668

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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 03/08/2010 - 10:51am

Mmm the seoul grill sounds pretty tasty! Another great restaurant you should try is Cafe 21 in University Heights. With Azerbaiijan roots and delicious selections for every meal of the day, they have quite a unique and flavorful menu.

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