Mi Tierra Cafe Y Panaderia

This restaurant is very festive, with every room filled with shiny metallic decorations hanging from the ceiling. These ranged from pinatas to christmas cutouts and streamers. To make the environment even merrier, a mariachi band (min. $5 per song) floated throughout the tables, serenating guests with christmas songs in spanish. There’s even a bakery inside where you can purchase various baked goods. We did not try anything though because we were so stuffed.

Mi Tierra Cafe Botana Platter

Botana Platter (10.50).

This was a sampler with an assortment of miniature chicken flautas, cheese quesidillas and chalupas.

Mi Tierra Cafe Charbroiled Chicken Breast

Charbroiled Chicken Breast (11.95).

Dennis thought his chicken was overflavored, but it was juicy and tender. He likes making sandwiches so he added those to the tortillas and chicken for a sandwich. He thinks the food here is a bit overpriced and really goes toward the environment and live music.

Mi Tierra Cafe Chalupas Compuestas

Chalupas Compuestas ($8.50).

My meal came with two bean, cheese and guacamole chalupas with a choice of chicken or beef. I chose the chicken. I thought these were really good but perhaps it’s in comparison with the plain home-made bean chalupas I made a while back. I don’t think they stuck out with comparison to other chalupas such as the ones from Santana, but it was exactly what I wanted to eat!

As for service, I thought it was standard. Everyone seemed to like eating here though because it was filled with happy people.

Mi Tierra Cafe Y Panaderia
218 Produce Row
San Antonio TX 78207
(210) 225-1262

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