I’ve walked past this restaurant a couple times on my way to eat at The Kabob House in downtown San Diego. Today, my coworkers and I thought we’d finally give it a try!

Champagne Chicken

The Champagne Chicken is just a fancy name for their version of a sweet and sour chicken but with an extra kick of spiciness. Yes! It was quite spicy, even by my standards. There were these little thin slices of peppers that caused me to teeter totter between satisfaction and insanity. Most of the pieces were cooked alrite. There were a couple of pieces that were extra crispy from overcooking. Overall, I loved this dish but I wished they gave me more rice! One scoop is definitely not enough for a hungry man like me.

Chicken Katsu-don

My coworkers ordered the Chicken Katsu-don. All they could say was that it was better than the last time they had it from some restaurant on Clairemont.

Service was really slow at this restaurant and it wasn’t even busy. It took a long while before they came to take our order and an ever greater length of time to deliver our check. We never received any drink refills either! Also, there was a mysterious 5 minute delay between them serving my entree and serving my coworkers…


Restaurant closed.

744 Market St.
San Diego CA 92101

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