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With all the food/alcohol events and restaurants on our to-do list, I feel the need for healthier eats at home. Recently I was invited to try out Farmer's Fix, a new delivery service that provides fresh organic salads to their customers. All meals are provided in a 24oz compostable EcoProducts bowls to reduce waste after you eat and are delivered in a cooler bag with ice packs that can be reused for a future order! Consideration of the environment sounds like a plus to me!

To get started, I visited their website (Farmers Fix) and created an account. The salads are $10 each (minimum of three) with a shipping cost of $6. If you order 5 or more, shipping is free. I picked out a couple of salads that sounded interesting and chose Monday as my delivery date. Within a week, a green cooler bag with my order arrived at my door!

southwest salad from Farmer's Fix

Southwest Salad - Black bean, cherry tomato, chickpea, cilantro, corn, poblano pepper, red onion, romaine lettuce, sunflower seed

I was very excited to try my first salad, which is their Southwest Salad. There's a plastic fork on top for size comparison.

southwest salad from Farmer's Fix

Once you open the package, you'll see a dressing container in the middle (mine is already uncovered). This salad filled up the container and if you don’t move it into another bowl, mixing the ingredients and dressing is going to be very messy. I had a few veggies escape the hatch during this process. Hidden below are the additional ingredients such as the chickpeas. I guess they settle to the bottom due to the weight. It came with a sherry vinaigrette which is an oil-based dressing but I would have loved to eat it with a southwest style dressing, maybe chipotle based. Customization of dressing would be a nice option if they decided to implement it. I also feel like proteins might be a good addition as well. If I created a southwest salad, I'd love to load up on the corn and black beans and use red bell peppers instead of green. Personal preference though.

mediterranean salad from My Farmer's Fix

Mediterranean Salad - Cherry tomato, European cucumber, farro, mint, parsley, poblano pepper, red onion, yellow bell pepper

The next salad I tried was the Mediterranean Salad. I couldn't believe how small this salad looked when I first opened it though! One benefit of the size is that you could actually mix this inside the bowl it came in (give it a good shake).

Usually I'm not a fan of parsley but it was hidden very well in this salad. The farro had a great chew to it while the cucumbers and bell peppers give it that nice crunch while you’re munching on the softer grains. Contrast! The lemon oregano vinaigrette gives it a bright slightly zesty flavor. The dressing does separate in the fridge so you need to mix before dumping it into the bowl. I may have done it the hard way. Even though the portions were smaller than the first, I had trouble finishing this salad! Overall a very good salad that will hold me over for a few hours! I'm very interested in trying more foods with farro now!

autumn baby spinach salad from Farmer's Fix

Baby Spinach Salad - Apple, cranberry, fennel, roasted pecan, red bell pepper, shallot, spinach, yellow bell pepper

After reading the ingredients list, I knew this would be one to order.

autumn baby spinach salad from Farmer's Fix

It comes with a variety of fresh ingredients including sweeter nibbles because of the fruit. I had to pour this one into a salad bowl so that I could mix it easier. I was happily munching on this salad though I'd say it was on the light meal side. This one also had the oilier dressing ​like the southwest salad but it seemed to fit better. It was a super refreshing meal for me.

tarragon lentil salad from Farmer's Fix

Tarragon Lentil Salad - Castelvetrano olive, lentils du Puy, parmesan, shallot, spinach, tarragon, walnut, yellow bell pepper

tarragon lentil salad from Farmer's Fix

The tarragon lentil salad is what I'd consider the messy one! You can shake to mix in the container and then the parmesan cheese seems to get all over the place. I think the simple combination works in general but the lentils are somewhat plain. I wanted a little more from this salad but maybe I needed more dressing. Healthwise, these lentils keep you fuller for longer and pack some protein into your diet. In that aspect, this is actually a very healthy choice. 

Farmer's Fix salads chilled in the bag

I do like the convenience of it being delivered straight to my home, perfect for a busy workweek lunch, but I can't see myself doing this weekly... I love eating at new restaurants too much. Overall, I'd say I really enjoyed two of the salads, while the other two were mediocre. There were nine salads to choose from though so hopefully there's salad(s) perfect for your own tastes. For someone who is big on salads though, this may be a nice alternative with organic and sustainable food and service.

Disclaimer: We were provided a promotion code to cover the cost of the salads but all opinions are our own

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soo @ hungryones.ocm's picture
Submitted by soo @ hungryones.ocm (not verified) on Tue, 04/12/2016 - 9:14am

So healthy... So this is why you are so fully of energy and life. I'm gonna have a can of tuna full of oil and salt for lunch.

lynn's picture
Submitted by lynn on Tue, 04/19/2016 - 11:42am

but healthy can be good too... =P

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