Fairway Market

When I’m travelling, I love visiting different markets and grocery stores to see what kind of selection other cities get. I found heaven at Fairway Market in NYC. There are a few of these markets in the city and one branch even has a gourmet cafe and steakhouse. Fairway seems like a cross between Henry’s and Whole Foods. Tons of really fresh produce mixed with a huge assortment of prepared and gourmet items. I wished that I’d had a kitchen to use so that I could have shopped and cooked! I am obsessed with olives and cheese so I literally gasped in delight when I saw this.


There were olives as far as the eye could see, every variety and flavor imaginable. It was like being a kid in a candy store! I thought it couldn’t get better but then I saw this...


Fairway offers something like 300 cheeses! The aroma in this corner of the market was amazing. I stood around and tasted cheese for at least 20 minutes. The only drawback about Fairway and other markets in New York is that that liquor and wine are not allowed to be sold in grocery stores so you can’t buy a nice bottle to go with your olives and cheese. Luckily, there always seemed to be a wine store right across the street from every market!

Fairway Market
2127 Broadway
New York NY
(212) 595-1888

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