New York

When I’m travelling, I love visiting different markets and grocery stores to see what kind of selection other cities get. I found heaven at Fairway Market in NYC. There are a few of these markets in the city and one branch even has a gourmet cafe and steakhouse. Fairway seems like a cross between Henry’s and Whole Foods. Tons of really fresh produce mixed with a huge assortment of prepared and gourmet items. I wished that I’d had a kitchen to use so that I could have shopped and cooked! I am obsessed with olives and cheese so I literally gasped in delight when I saw this.

I recently returned from a long overdue trip to New York and there just weren’t enough meals in the day to eat everything I had on my list. I did manage to fit in quite a bit though and have lots of photos to share but here’s the best thing I ate that week: