Elijah's is a restaurant, deli, and bakery all-in-one!  They also offer catering.  They currently have a graduation fiesta special - $9.95 per person for a Greek or Mexican buffet.  Their food is good and hearty at reasonable prices.

Mushroom Barley Soup

Chicken Medallions

E started off with Mushroom Barley Soup.  You can have a cup ($4.75) or a bowl ($5.75).  It comes with a piece of toast.  We also ordered a new item - Chicken Medallions ($6.95) - chicken breast stuffed with feta cheese and spinach and served with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion, and a creamy dipping sauce.  I was expecting a hot dish, but the medallions were cold...  still delicious!  I usually don't like spinach, but I couldn't taste it.  It's definitely there though - you can see it.

Turkey Meatloaf

The Turkey Meatloaf ($13.75) caught my eye.  I've never seen it on a menu before.  I used to like meatloaf before I gave up beef and pork, so I was excited that I could now have turkey meatloaf!  But E ordered it first, so I picked something else.  His meatloaf was homemade with fresh herbs and came with sautéed seasonal vegetables and a potato pancake.  Other choices for a side included garlic mashed potatoes or a baked potato.  You also get a cranberry glaze, applesauce, sour cream, and gravy.  So good!

Turkey Burger

My entree was a good old Turkey Burger ($8.75) served with cranberry sauce on a kaiser roll and fries (or you can order potato salad, pasta salad, or cole slaw).  Yummy!


For dessert, there is a lot to choose from on the menu, but there are also other items in the bakery area.  You can just get up, look at the selection, and let your server know what you want.  E got some sort of Linzer cookie (soft and fruity) and I ended up with a kind of Pistachio Baklava (very nutty).

This place is definitely casual.  Check out their menu online.  They have a lot to choose from!  They even have early bird dinner specials for $8.95 - what a great value!

8861 Villa La Jolla Drive
La Jolla CA 92037
(858) 455-1461

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Submitted by Cathy (not verified) on Tue, 10/21/2014 - 5:33am

Haven't been here in forever either: thanks for the reminder post. Those chicken medallions look great- could be a meal when I'm eating alone.

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