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It already feels like summer in sunny San Diego, and brunch by the beach was in our weekend plans. We dropped by Duck Dive for some Sunday eats and found the place to be jam packed! It's no surprise how much San Diegans love spending time by the beautiful waters and they sure get hungry! 

After getting seated, we peeked at the weekend selection: Surf Breakfast, Cakes & Toasts, Dive Specialties, Breakfast Drinks, and Brunch Menu. We decided to order an item from the first three categories.

Chorizo Potato Hash at Duck Dive in Pacific Beach San Diego

Chorizo Potato Hash ($14) - house-made chorizo, poblanos, potatoes, roasted corn, queso fresco, etc

Under Surf Breakfast, the Chorizo Potato Hash sounded divine. This came out steaming hot in a cast iron skillet. The first bite was a taste of the toast, buttery and thick with a crispy chew. Then we dug into the heart of it, the meat and potatoes. The flavorful chorizo was lightly spiced and reminding us of our other Duck Dive favorite, the juicy chorizo burger. The well seasoned potatoes had a fabulous fry (without being oily) and I couldn't get enough of the grilled veggies. I chose a simple poached egg on top. This was our favorite breakfast item here!

Trio Platter of signature French Toast at Duck Dive in Pacific Beach San Diego

Trio Platter ($15) - one of each of our signature French toasts severd with maple syrup

Under Cakes & Toasts, we couldn't quite decide. Why choose one when you can sample all three with the Trio Patter! Our last flight (at West Coast Tavern) was on regular toasted bread. Duck Dive had it TEXAS TOAST style which meant this massive plate could easily be shared!

Normally I'm not into PB&J (left toast) but was surprised to find myself happily munching on this version! The smoothly spread peanut butter was occasionally chunky with a peanut here and there while the fruit decked jam kept it sweet. The middle contained a wonderful orange accented cream plus fresh berries to "balance" your meal. To the right was another tasty combination, caramelized zig zags sprinkled with powdered sugar and pecans, then topped with a generous mound of vanilla ice cream! For all the toasts, the bread seemed even thicker than normal TEXAS toast, super fluffy inside with a lovely egg batter crust.

Dive Griddle Sandwich at Duck Dive in Pacific Beach San Diego

Dive Griddle Sandwich ($11) - fennel sausage patty, sunny side up egg, avocado, tomato and arugula

Under Dive Specialties, instead of my typical eggs benedict, I gave their biscuits and gravy a chance. The sausage carried a nice italian seasoning but these thin pieces were nowhere as moist as the chorizo. The chunky gravy contained some meaty bits of flavor but there wasn't enough to counteract the drier sausage and thick biscuit. The same potatoes and veggies were served on the side though not as crisp as ones sitting in the cast iron. 

Mimosa Bar at Duck Dive in Pacific Beach San Diego

Mimosa Bar ($17.50) - available during weekends

We noticed everyone around us were leaving their tables to head toward the back area. There was a table set up with mix-ins for the unlimited mimosas! Four different fruit juices could be added to your champagne including guava, orange juice, strawberr,y and mango. I can easily see another reason why brunch is so popular at Duck Dive! Thanks to our server Natalie who manuveured this hectic crowd to take care of all her tables and to the kitchen staff for getting the food out hot and tasty. You can check out our other visits (happy hour  and dinner).

Disclaimer: We were invited to dine here and our food was complimentary. We were not otherwise compensated and all opinions stated are our own

Duck Dive
4650 Mission Blvd
San Diego CA 92109
(858) 273-3825

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