Coronado Boathouse

Lynn and I went to this restaurant a couple of nights ago for our one year anniversary. We chose this place because we wanted to go to a nice restaurant in Coronado and the reviews were good. Plus, we were looking for a restaurant that was out of the ordinary. A boathouse restaurant is just that!

When we placed the reservation online at, we noted anniversary in the ocassions section. Upon arriving at the Coronado Boathouse, we were promptly seated at a private location in the corner of the restaurant with a view of the waters and the Coronado Bridge. Our waiter, Jimmy, greeted us and gave us some recommendations on his favorites and what customers often ordered.

We decided on the Coconut Shrimp ($12.00) as a starter and I ordered the recommended Macadamia Halibut ($28.00). Lynn was still unsure about what to order but was leaning toward the Thai-Citrus Mahi Mahi ($23.00). Our waiter said that she should try out the Ahi Tuna ($24.00) instead and that if she did not like it, then they would change her order back to the Mahi. So then she did change her order to the Ahi Tuna and we started to take pictures of ourselves in the meantime. =)

Coconut Shrimp

Coconut Shrimp ($12.00)

The coconut shrimp was good. They were large and fried perfectly. It came with two dippings sauces of Island Mustard and Sweet Plum sauce. Both about okay. The fried shrimp were placed over a bed of coconut chips? (you know those colored seafood chips that you find in a chinese seafood restaurant. Its something like that.) The coconut taste in the shrimp is very subtle, almost close to extinct. But I still like it.

The Macadamia Halibut looked great! The entree was nicely plated and I wanted to start eating right away! Unfortunately, I had to wait and take pictures first. See what unconvience I put myself through for food reviews? Hahaha, just kidding. Well, I don’t eat halibut that often because its not my type of fish but i think they did a great job on this one. By itself, the halibut taste is okay. But what makes it great is the peanut sauce, mango puree, and teriyaki sauce that is glazed over it.

Macadamia Halibut

Macadamia Halibut ($28.00)

When Lynn received the Ahi Tuna, she was a bit worried. We didn’t know that it would come with wasabi sauce spreaded on top of it since the order was changed after returning the food menus. But she did give it a try and she said the Ahi Tuna was excellent. Unfortunately, after the second bite, she had to return the dish because she said the wasabi tasted too strong for her.

Ahi Tuna

Ahi Tuna ($24.00)

Our waiter came back and apologized for it. He then took it away and placed the order for the Thai-Citrus Mahi Mahi that Lynn originally had wanted. The Mahi came out within 10 minutes as our waiter had requested the chef to get it out quickly as possible. The entree didn’t look as interesting as the Ahi Tuna though. It seemed pretty plain but Lynn said that it tasted good. What she didn’t like was the mango salsa that was on the side. She said that it doesnt go too well with the mahi but I thought it was fine.

Thai-Citrus Mahi Mahi

Thai-Citrus Mahi Mahi ($23.00)

Overall, the experience at Coronado Boathouse was fabulous. The decor and atmosphere were definitely there and the service was top notch. Food portions were great as we were stuffed by the end the of night.

Coronado Boathouse
1701 Strand Way
San Diego CA 92118
(619) 435-0155

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