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We've been to Brooklyn Girl once before for a friend's birthday and decided that San Diego Restaurant Week would be a great time to revisit! Their pre-fixe dinner menu was $30 and includes an appetizer, entree, and dessert. As a couple, we'd get to try more of the menu at one sitting!

chili flake and lemon popcorn at Brooklyn Girl Eatery

That night they served chili flakes and lemon seasoned popcorn as a complimentary appetizer. You can definitely taste a little bit of both flavors in there. It's tasty but not all kernels were fully popped so we hit a few hard pieces here and there. When staff cleaned up the table next to us, I noticed there were also kernals there so we weren't the only ones leaving them on the table. The popcorn flavors do change so you won't know until you're there!

Bear Hug Cocktail at Brooklyn Girl Eatery in San Diego

Dennis loves his whiskey drinks! This was the Bear Hug ($11), made with Rittenhouse Rye Whiskey. It's a nice drink with a ginger spice and a hint of syrup from the walnut liquerer and honey, garnished with an orange peel.

Bacon Wrapped Vietnamese Meatballs at Brooklyn Girl Eatery in San Diego

The first appetizer from the restaurant week menu was the Bacon Wrapped Vietnamese Meatballs. They have a caramel sweet outer glaze topping the crispy outer crust which contrasts nicely against the softer meaty insides. The slaw was spicy and tasty as well.

Shrimp Tacos at Brooklyn Girl Eatery in San Diego

The Shrimp Tacos had good size shrimp for the dish but were a bit runny from the chipotle cream inside. It didn't hold its shape with one corn tortilla so I think two would have been better. Good but nothing to rave about. Isn't that plate really cool though?

Braised Lamb Shank at Brooklyn Girl Eatery in San Diego

The first entree was the Braised Lamb Shank. Wow was it tender but I would have liked a little more salt to it. The flavor itself didn't penetrate too deep but the meat is thick! I really loved the roasted potatoes and carrots, which were great for breaking up the monotony of so much meat. The sea of couscous was a nice base too.

Mary's Free Range Chicken at Brooklyn Girl Eatery in San Diego

The Mary's Free Range Chicken was cooked well with juicy meat and crispy skin but rather light on seasoning. It seemed a bit too ordinary compared to the fancy lamb shank. I also didn't care for the mustard greens which were slightly bitter as they usually are.

These entrees turned out to be plenty big by themselves or maybe we ate too much popcorn. We had to stop to save room for dessert!

Caramel Budino at Brooklyn Girl Eatery in San Diego

We had to wait a bit for desserts. The Caramel Budino had a layer of caramel that makes the dessert a bit on the sweet side for me. We recommend to dig deep into the bottom to lighten it up with the cream.

Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding at Brooklyn Girl Eatery in San Diego

The other dessert was the Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding. Following a bite of the previous dessert, this was almost bitter and dry! I switched back for a bite of caramel, then realized there was cream on the side for the bread pudding... I added it and YES, such an improvement with the contrast of subtle plus sweet cream! This was probably one of the best bread puddings I've had in a while.

Brooklyn Girl Eatery in San Diego Brooklyn Girl Eatery in San Diego

The restaurant has bar seating behind the hostess stand as well as another area for enjoying their oyster bar. It's a great place to have dinner and we enjoyed this sampling. The food came out fast, our server gave great food/drink recommendations, and the ambiance was nice. We'd be up for coming here again.

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Brooklyn Girl Eatery
4033 Goldfinch Street
San Diego CA 92103
(619) 296-4600

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J.S. @ Sun Diego Eats's picture
Submitted by J.S. @ Sun Dieg... (not verified) on Tue, 02/17/2015 - 12:19pm

The bf loooooves the Vietnamese bacon meatballs. I think for a while we were going to Brooklyn Girl just for that. Then he realized he doesn't really love any of their entrees too much so we started going less. We love their appetizers though: the bacon meatballs, the crispy brussell sprouts and the cheddar cornbread with honeycomb.

And completely agree with you about the bread pudding! We got it at brunch once and once you add the sauce....amazing.

lynn's picture
Submitted by lynn on Thu, 02/19/2015 - 12:03am

I guess next time I'll have to try more appetizers! Or find recipes for home! Too bad I haven't been anywhere lately where EVERYTHING was spot on... I'm still waiting for that dreamy meal!

Mary's picture
Submitted by Mary (not verified) on Thu, 02/19/2015 - 8:12am

I’ve been wanting to visit Brooklyn Girl for quite awhile but haven’t managed to get around to it yet. Complimentary popcorn would make me happy off the bat, though! Fun that they change up the flavors.

That time plate your shrimp tacos are on IS really cool. Me wants.

The sauce on top of the lamb shank makes your dish look like a gyro, sans the pita bread!

lynn's picture
Submitted by lynn on Thu, 02/19/2015 - 11:17pm

hope you get to make it out this year! there's a bowl of popcorn waiting for you!

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