Best Pizza and Brew (Mira Mesa)

Best Pizza and Brew is a relatively new restaurant that opened in the Mira Mesa area within the last year or so. We've been here a couple times but haven't had a chance to review it until now.

First off, here are a couple of reasons we decided to revisit earlier this week:

1. Location: It's local and has plenty of parking

2. Specials: $1 slice of pizza within the last 1/2 hour before closing.

3. Food: Thin crust pizza and other dishes are tasty!

4. Drinks: Around 16 different beers on tap, though we personally aren't big beer drinkers

Since we were 30 minutes too early for the pizza happy hour, we ordered light since we were ravenous!

Best Pizza and Brew - Roasted Turkey Sub

The Roasted Turkey Sub reminded me of the Bobby sandwich from Capriotti's, which is both unique and delicious! The cranberry pesto layer on the bottom slice of bread was light but provided the sweetness that goes so well with turkey! The bread was lightly toasted too and held together as we ate the sandwich. I really like this combination of flavors... maybe this Thanksgiving I should give canned cranberry whatchamacallit another try!

Best Pizza and Brew - Mac and Cheese

The Mac and Cheese with Bacon had plenty of bacon pieces in this dish and for only .75 extra. The cheese texture was gooey enough to be stringy but in a fun way. I thought that overall it was a little saltier and oilier than I would have liked. We also suddenly had a craving for sour dough bread, which we thought would be a perfect compliment for this dish. I'd be careful about leftovers though. After microwaving it, I think the bacon produced about 1/8 cup of oil in the bowl I microwaved it in! That was quite a surprise... but then again, I don't eat bacon all that often either!

About 3-5 minutes before the magic pizza happy hour, two other customers got in 'line' for food. The cashier was nice enough to even remind one guy that the price would drop within a minute or two if he didn't mind waiting! Now that's a super attentive staff! By the time we had ordered, the line had about 5 other groups waiting to order. But now it is time to eat!

Best Pizza and Brew - Pesto Pizza

Pesto Pizza is my favorite pizza here. I love the strong pesto flavor here and the nice little tibits of sundried tomato. The crust for all the pizzas is also very good. Dennis considered asking them if they sell their pizza dough. Must feed homemade pizza habit!

Best Pizza and Brew - BBQ Chicken Pizza

Barbeque Pizza has all the same ingrediences of a normal barbeque chicken pizza. And always tasty as well. I love how their pizzas gets that extra crisp up right before you get your order. That's the way thin crust should be, not soggy and floppy!

Best Pizza and Brew - Special Pizza

Special Pizza had chicken, pesto, and actual chunks of garlic on it. Definitely an interesting mix of ingredients. I think I would probably pick another pizza type next time though since there are at least 8 different pizzas available at any given time! We've also tried the meatlovers pizza and it was also delish!

The ambience in this restaurant is nice because it isn't too noisy or crowded. Or, this could be due to it being a Tuesday? Haven't been here on a weekend since hubby's bday celebration a couple of months ago! On that visit, they were very accommodating and reserved a portion of their outdoor seating patio for us! We also noticed that they kept pumping out the pizza during the 30 minutes before closing. I had thought they'd just sell whatever was left and that would be it! It was a pleasant surprise which will probably bring us back for more!

We'll be back! I don't think there are any other pizza places I like more in the area! But if there are, I am open to trying something new! =)

Best Pizza & Brew
9172 Mira Mesa Blvd
San Diego CA 92126
(858) 566-9900

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