Ariana Kabob House

Ariana Kabob House - Appetizer

A super-sized fried wonton? No. This has onions, potatoes and peas. It was a drier taste than creamy which worked because the pastry didn’t get soggy. It also went particularly well with the sauce. The sauce that came with it was almost like a salsa except that it had a more vinegery taste to it that really fit this appetizer. It was spicy but not enough that it bothered Lynn. The ingredients for the sauce include jalepeno, cilantro, and vinegar. The only downside to this appetizer is the large size. It will fall apart once you try to cut pieces toward the center. I think if they had made smaller bite size pieces it would be perfect.

Ariana Kabob House - Chicken Kabob

The Chicken Kabob was cooked pretty well. It was juicy enough on the inside with tiny charred edges. It came with a roasted tomato with the char lines and a breadstick that was twice the length of the other dish. The lunch entrees included a decent sized starter salad with a creamy cheesy kind of sauce. Both entrees came with a great amount of rice possibly sprinkled with red crushed pepper. There was definitely a slight coating of the cooking oil. All together, the meal was very filling!

Ariana Kabob House - Minced Meat

The Minced Meat was tender and served with a very delicious red sauce. It was the right portion to go with the meal to keep the rest of the meal untouched. Lynn thought it reminded her of meat loaf in a way.

Ariana Kabob House - Dessert

Dessert was almost like eating a candy of caramel, nuts in a crispier shell, but instead, had pistachios and other fillings. It came in the shape of a slice of pie and was overall an interesting and sweet way to finish off the meal.

We were a little disappointed that the restaurant seemed a tiny bit… dusty. When we pulled out our napkins, it seemed like there was some dust that flew into our waters. It could be due to the recent opening of the restaurant and a still-growing customer base that doesn’t require changing out the table clothes as often. The menu selection is currently limited due to this, as told to us by the manager. At least service was attentive and courteous.

Ariana Kabob House
9910 Mira Mesa Blvd
San Diego CA 92131
(858) 578-1468

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