Sweet Lumpy's BBQ

I can't remember when I first heard about Sweet Lumpy's BBQ, but I've done the drive (about 50 miles) to Temecula twice for their delicious food.  It's that good.

BBQ Chicken Sandwich

Their BBQ is slow cooked at low temperatures.  The BBQ sauces (original and spicy) are old family recipes.  I ordered the BBQ Chicken Sandwich ($6) and the chicken was really tender.  It tastes great with their sweet, original BBQ sauce.  The sandwich comes with fresh-cut fries, which are also good!  Really good with the BBQ sauce.

We like to sit outside and watch the people go by.  On Sundays, you might see lots of motorcycles and families out and about.  They also have a barrel of peanuts for your enjoyment while you wait for your food.  Just throw the peanut shells on the ground.  It's ok!

Call before you go to see if they're open.

Pulled Pork Sandwich

Sweet Lumpy's BBQ
28464 Old Town Front St
Temecula CA 92590
(951) 506-3747

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