D Bar (Hillcrest)

We decided to celebrate the birthdays of Dennis and Lisa at D Bar, which is located in the Hillcrest area of San Diego. Along with sunday mimosas, we ordered the following goodies:

D Bar - Crue Fries

Crue Fries $8

These were tasty garlic parmesan fries covered with melted cheddar jack, chopped bacon, ranch, and chives. The kid in our party was loving these fries so much that we had to slow him down to make room for his actual entree!

D Bar - Joe's Scramble

Joe's Scramble $9

I ordered this dish to check out the ground kobe beef in breakfast form plus I love goat cheese. Unfortunately I was thinking of the medium rare burger patty type of flavor so this threw me off a little since I couldn't really taste the difference in this form! I also thought the goat cheese seemed out of place with eggs, but that was my opinion. It was more like a standard omlette with spinach, roasted garlic, meat and cheese. On the side were breakfast potatoes.

D Bar - Mac and Cheese

Mac & Cheese $10

This 4 cheese mac dish was a bit on the runny side for me. I like my mac and cheese to be a little more sticky, maybe even a string or two of cheese hanging off! Other than that, there were pieces of applewood smoked bacon hidden beneath the flaky panko crumbs for us to find on each nibble. There's also the option of adding tempura lobster which we didn't try.

D Bar - Southern Fried Belgian

Southern Fried Belgian $12

This dish tastes as fantastic as it looks and was one of the best dishes that day. The sweet potato chips were lightly fried and the crispy chicken was finger-licking good inside of the cheesy waffle bread. I wish I had ordered this instead of the omlette. We actually came back a second time JUST to order this dish since I didn't try it the first time!

D Bar - Belgian Waffles

Belgian Waffle $9

This was the waffles covered with some bananas drizzled with bourbon syrup. On the side was cinnamon orange butter and additional syrup which made it one great combination of sweet. This is definitely something to try if you are into waffles.

D Bar - Short Rib Hash

Short Rib Hash $12

I didn't try this but I believe it was described as coca-cola braised short ribs on top of a cheesy wafffle and covered with a scrambled egg. I should have snuck a taste of the ribs!

D Bar - Grilled Ahi

Grilled Ahi $18

I didn't try this either but it was described as seared wild yellowfin tuna. There was ponzu agave glaze with snap peas, carrots, wasabi peas, and basil rice.

D Bar - Molten Cake

Molten Cake $10

For dessert, we shared a chocolate lava cake that came with sicilian pistachio ice cream and raspberry compote. The ice cream portion was super creamy and dreamy I'd say! The lava cake was moist and when punctured, had that fun chocolate oozing out of the middle! I've been enjoying this type of dessert lately and it did not disappoint!

We were very pleased with the service at this location. They even gave us a birthday card signed by the staff, which was an extra touch of special for this occasion. It's definitely a good place for brunch and we have yet to try the desserts they sell up front! That will be on our next visit!

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D Bar
3930 Fifth Avenue
San Diego CA 92103
(619) 299-3227

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