4.0 Deli

Today’s review is another one of my hang out spots next to SDSU. It’s a moderate sized restaurant thats right next to La Torta in the Aztec Shopping Center. They have sell basic deli type of sandwiches and some more expensive but really good gourmet “sandos” thats worth a try.

When the cashier asked me what I wanted to order, I told him “In Yo’ Face Sucka.” (thats what its really called!)

In Yo’ Face Sucka

INGREDIENTS: Ham, genoa salami, pepperoni, melted provolone, marinated onions, peppercinis, grated parm cheese, oregano, oil and vinegar, pesto dressing, lettuce and tomatoes on a toasted sub.

The first half of the sandwich was pretty good. It was strong in flavor, warm, and beautifully balanced and integrated. But by the time I got to the second sandwich, the oil and vinegar had penetrated and soaked the bottom half of the sandwich which gave it a weird wet bread texture while eating it. Perhaps next time, I will ask for them to put less oil and vinegar.

Overall, I still like this sandwich. Its a bit expensive ($6.75) for my preference but its great to munch on once in a while.

4.0 Deli
5844 Montezuma Road
San Diego CA 92184
(619) 281-4040

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