Garden Grove

My interest in eating Bo Bay Mon (Vietnamese seven course beef) was only intensified after our 8 course fish tasting at Nhu Y Ca 8 Mon. I know I must have tried it at least once in my lifetime due to my heritage so the next question was WHERE to go next? How about the place recommended by the grandparents?

Dennis, the family and I arrived at Anh Hong Restaurant, a large restaurant located in Garden Grove. The menu included regular Vietnamese fare but their specialty was the Bo Bay Mon, priced at 16.95 per order. Other than the salad and soup courses, each order had 3 pieces of meat per course.

beef salad at Anh Hong Restaurant in Garden Grove

Course 1: Goi Bo Anh Hong - special beef salad

The salad starter consisted of shredded carrots, celery and mint on top with fried onions and very thin slices of beef (boiled) and peanuts. Fish sauce played a big part in the flavor of this dish because the salad alone was on the plain side! Some pre-mixed versions are a little too heavy on the fish sauce but since I was able to control the distribution, I was happy with this healthy appetizer.

vinegar broth for beef fondue at Anh Hong Restaurant in Garden Grove

We were in Orange County on some personal business and decided to try a restaurant called Kaju Soft Tofu Restaurant

Kaju Soft Tofu Restaurant Combination of Seafood and Beef