American Heritage Chocolate

Ok, so this isn't really a restuarant review, but I wanted to let you know about some delicious chocolate.  American Heritage Chocolate isn't your average chocolate company.  Yes, it's a division of MARS, Incorporated, but they make their chocolate based on a colonial recipe with spices (anise, red pepper, nutmeg, orange, and cinnamon).

American Heritage Chocolate - Hot Chocolate

With the colder weather, I made some hot chocolate, added whipped topping with a chocolate stick, and grated a chocolate block on top.  It was so warm and inviting!  The special blend of spices made it feel like Christmas.  =)  This drink is similar to Chuao's Spicy Maya Hot Chocolate, but the spices aren't as overpowering.  Even a toddler will enjoy it...  As I was getting ready to head to the pumpkin patch, I saw little Robin trying to open my American Heritage Chocolate box.  I warned him that if he ate it, then he would not get to pick out a pumpkin.  And did he listen?  No, he took a big bite out of a chocolate stick.  And when he thought I wasn't looking, he took another bite!  He thought it was that good.

The American Heritage Chocolate website has several recipes which can be used with their products.  I am hoping to use the rest of the chocolate block to make some special cookies for Thanksgiving.  I think it might also add a unique flavor to tiramisu.  You can probably use it in any chocolate recipe.  Their products are available online or in shops on the East Coast.  Enjoy a taste and add a flavorful kick to your own recipes.

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