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It feels like forever since I ate a full day's worth of *homemade* food. My goal is to eat a little healthier so I was super proud of my menu plan last Wednesday. Read below for my meals plus stick around for some Memorial Day Weekend eats.


I felt motivated this day and spent some extra time packing my breakfast and lunch. 

Yoplait mango french yogurt with strawberries and granola

Yoplait apparently has french yogurt with fruit in fancy glass containers so I threw it into my lunchbox with toppings. This combo of mango yogurt plus strawberries and granola was a perfect little pick-me-up that kept me full for 3 hours. BTW, there was another breakfast option that day...

One dozen Krispie Kreme donuts free breakfast at work

Krispie Kreme donuts at work! Free food is hard to turn down but I opted to enjoy my amped up yogurt. What would you have chosen?


My friend Stephanie (Migraine Relief Recipes) offered fresh kale and swiss chard from her abundant garden which I could not turn down. I found this kale apple quinoa salad recipe (from Cooking Classy) and added some leftover chicken from Luna Grill.

Autumn Kale Apple and Quinoa Salad from Cooking Classy recipe

I packed the separate ingredients then threw them together for lunch with freshly cut apples. The lemon honey vinaigrette was one of the best parts!


I'm almost through a big work deadline and hubby Dennis offered to make dinner. A Sprouts recently opened up in our neighborhood and we've been shopping there like crazy! One of our finds are these pre-packed meals that you cook yourself. I think the price point is excellent and the amount of veggies to meat is well balanced.

Thai Chicken prepacked meal from Sprouts Farmers Market

This is the uncooked version of the Thai Chicken pre-packed meal. It's approximately 4.99 per pound and this kit was around $8 total. So much cheaper than Blue Apron I believe.

Thai Chicken cooked meal from Sprouts Farmers Market

Dennis did a great job preparing this dish. The vegetables were crisp soft and the dark meat chicken was moist and flavored well. Not only that, the convenience factor of all-in-one yet fresh was the biggest draw for me. I'll be visiting Sprouts often now that it's so close!

Memorial Day Weekend

Even though I worked a few hours over the weekend, I was still able to try out a couple of new restaurants in our free time.

Monte Cristo breakfast with fresh fruit from Cardamom Cafe

I've always wanted to stop by Cardamom Cafe and ordered their Monte Cristo. The bread is soft and fluffy and the cheese is delightful. I love how it is served with fresh fruit (or potatoes if you prefer). I also picked up a starter sourdough from owner Joanne (she was also part of the group from my first trip to Mexico).

Salmon 360 from Single Fin Kitchen in Atlas Market in Poway

Next was Single Fin Kitchen for some fresh seafood. This gorgeous dish is the Salmon 360 with three different salmon variations. They are located in the food court of Atlas Market in Poway. We'll have our full review up in about two weeks.

Curadero pig roast with welcome drink from Latitude 33 Brewing Company

I won tickets to the Memorial Day weekend pig roast at Curadero. It included all you can eat tacos with delicious carnitas, toppings plus rice and beans. Latitude 33 offered a choice of three beers and I was drawn to the taste of their Mango IPA (typically I'm not an IPA fan). Drink and eat whatever is yummy!

Salmon Tostada at Tostadas North Park in San Diego

We visited Tostadas to use up one of my Taco Mania giftcards. I was really pleased with the generous portion of fish in the salmon tostada. We've also tasted their menu during a food and drink pairing

Last of all, Dennis and I popped into Gen Korean BBQ which is the newest Korean spot in Mira Mesa. Our friends were in town so it was a perfect time to try it out with a variety of meats. Hope everyone had a fabulous holiday week! Don't forget to check out Laura's post for the full linkup to What I Ate Wednesday (via Peas & Crayons)

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