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San Diego is an evergrowing foodie haven and the food blogger community in San Diego is outstanding. I was lucky to be able to meet fellow bloggers at the Green Acre Campus Pointe location for a lunch.

fresh from our garden at Green Acres Campus Pointe

The restaurant has a big focus on farm-to-table. The sign above shows items that are grown in the garden right here! Now that's as fresh as you can get, without picking it yourself!

upstairs view at Green Acres Campus Pointe

We took a short tour around the building too. I couldn't believe my eyes how huge this building was. Look at this lovely view from the top floor, which houses multiple conference rooms for big parties.

private room at Green Acres Campus Pointe

After the tour was complete, we sat down the private room downstairs to sample the food!

root fries at Green Acres Campus Pointe

The servers brought us Root Fries to enjoy while everyone decided what to order. I loved how there were two types of potatoes in the same basket and that the seasoning was on point.

fig brick oven pizza at Green Acres Campus Pointe

We ordered a few items to share. A favorite of the group was the Fig brick oven pizza. This one packed plenty of fig flavor due to a thick spread and was joined by bleu cheese and prosciutto.

mushroom brick oven pizza at Green Acres Campus Pointe

Another shared pizza was the Mushroom brick oven pizza. The main player was the cremini mushrooms surrounded by yummy burrata, a lick of garlic and a dash of truffle oil. Both flatbreads came with a side of salad.

chicken zucchini pasta special at Green Acres Campus Pointe

Across from me was the special of the day: Chicken with Zucchini Pasta. It sure did look like a delicious way to cut down the carbs during lunch!

roasted chicken brie panini at Green Acres Campus Pointe

I ordered the Roasted Chicken Brie Panini, which sounded like my kind of sandwich. The chicken breast was plump and thick but unfortunately fell flat in the flavor department. I wanted a thicker slice of brie. The bread was overtoasted to me and everything together was a little too dry.

havana affair panini at Green Acres Campus Pointe

Another blogger ordered the Havana Affair Panini and was nice enough to swap halves with me. This sandwich had tasty layers of meat (slow roasted pork shoulder and oregon ham) and a punch of spicy mustard under the lid for some pow. I found it to be much more satisfying combination than my sandwich.

corn cobb salad at Green Acres Campus Pointe

I also ate about half of a fresh Corn Cobb Salad despite being on the full side! I figure greens don't take up that much room anyway.

Here are a few more shots of the restaurant.

lounge and games at Green Acres Campus Pointe

Lounge area in the back with board games

wall art at Green Acres Campus Pointe

Fantastic wall art

I enjoyed this visit, especially with the wonderful company of Abby (Baby Birds Farm), Besty (Betsy Life), Brandon (Kitchen Konfidence), Hillary (Starbright's Kitchen), Holly (FMITK), Kate (latekatefoodie), Kim (LiveLife), Maggie (Mama Maggie's Kitchen), and Stephanie (Migraine Relief). We were also joined by Lisa and Katherine from Katalyst PR. And seriously, you should check out the Green Acres restaurant. It's an amazing space and the gardens outside are gorgeous!

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Green Acres Campus Pointe
10300 Campus Point Drive
San Diego CA 92121
(858) 450-9907

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