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Submitted by lynn on Mon, 07/21/2014 - 10:12pm

Yea, next time I'd need good recommendations beforehand. That's how a lot of restaurants are... you order the right items and it's awesome (hopefully), but the wrong items leave you questioning the entire restaurant. There's too many choices that we didn't even try. I'm also picky on what I order due to food preferences and my 'healthier food' mentality. I think I should have tried something like walnut shrimp, mongolian beef, etc, stuff that I usually like. I still would like to try their super lunch specials, but probably would need to take different dining buddies since these ones balked at my suggestion.

Also, to clarify, I only read Cathy's review recently and it mentioned that there were multiple revisits by you (Kirk). I did try the mapo tofu she mentioned but my 'ideal' version may be completely different than a typical or authentic version, whatever that should taste like. I'll have to re-read some of your reviews before a revisit anyway.